Low Energy & Low Voltage Humidistat Bathroom Window Fan With Timer Samika 1B-LE100SVHT-EWLE100

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Low Energy & Low Voltage Humidistat Bathroom Window Fan With Timer Samika 1B-LE100SVHT-EWLE100

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Low Voltage 24V bathroom fan

Digital intelligent Humidistat and Timer controls

Low noise 29 - 47.5 dBA

IPX 4 rated

6 adjustable speed settings

Window Kit and Transformer included

Optional use pull cord

Discreet white front cover.

£206.47 inc VAT


The Samika 1B-LE100SVHT-EWLE100 is a low energy fan with modern DC motors and digital Humidity and Timer controls and kit for window installation.

The DC motor provides low noise and efficient air movement. This when combined with the latest digital comntrols - designed to be sensitive enough to react to occupier use and not a pre-set generic setting - make this the latest technology providing comfortable efficient ventilation

In addition, the fan has 6 adjustable speed settings which are used to ensure that whatever location the fan is fitted - wall, window, ceiling, the air flow of the fan can be adjusted to deliver the correct airflow

Humidstat fans have a sensor in them. This detects moisture in the air. When a set humidity point is reached the fan will switch on. There are two types of sensor Traditional and Digital/Intelligent.

Traditional. Work by having a fixed humidity level which, when reached, the fan activates. Traditional humidistats work well but as natural levels of humidity rise and fall between summer and winter, they can become more or less sensitive to switch on periodically.

Digital/Intelligent.  Have no fixed humidity point for activation. Instead they constantly measure humidity levels and only activate when man-made spikes in humidity - caused by showering, bathing or cooking - are detected. Consequently they are more responsive to run only when required


Additional Information

Additional Information

Brand Samika
Control Option Humidistat
Delivery Next Day
Dimensions 160mm x 160mm
Fan Location Window
Sound 25-45 dba
Performance 54cu m/hr
Integral Shutters Yes
IP Rating IPX4
Maximum Duct Run 3m or less
Stock Item Yes
Power 1.6 to 11.6W
Room Type Bathroom
Running Mode Switched
Safety Zone Zone 1, 2 and Outside
Spigot Dimension 100mm
Guarantee 2 Years
Technical Info
Data Sheet: Samika_Datasheet_7.pdf
Information Sheet: Samika_InstallGuide.pdf