Boneco H680 Air Purifier and Humidifier

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Humidifier and/or Air Purifier

H680 Model - For rooms up to 100m²

Pet Dander

3 Stage Filtration
Pre Filter
Active Carbon Filter

27 - 51dBA
Water Capacity:10 ltrs
Remote Control
Air Humidity Sensor
Water & Filter Change Reminders
Cleaning Mode for Easy Cleaning
BABY MODE ideal for young families
Essential oil dispencer for fragranced air
Dims mm: 490 H X 347 D X 640 W435
2 Year Warranty

SKU: H680


Dry, polluted air has many side effects – scratchy throats, red eyes, chapped lips and the likelihood of catching a cold more easily.  Use of heating systems in the winter and air conditioning in the summer dry the air out. 


Boneco’s HYBRID H680 can provide either humidified air, purified air or both air humidification and purification at the same time.  The unit has a permanent pre-filter to catch hair, pet dander, household dust and other large particles.  After this, the air passes through the HYBRID filter – an active carbon filter to remove odours and a HEPA filter to remove almost all pollen and viruses.  Finally, the air comes to the evaporator mat which optimises the humidity of the air before cleaned and humidified air is passed back into the room.


Its performance is one-of-a-kind in its appliance class. With an air-cleaning output of up to 205 m3/h (120 CFM) and a humidity output of up to 1000 g/h (6.34 gal/day), it humidifies and cleans the room air in large offices and apartments with floor areas of up to 100 m2 (1614 sq. ft).