Boneco P500 Air Purifier

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P500 Model - For rooms up to 28m²

Particl CADR/Filters
Allergy Filter 258m3
Baby Filter 226m3
Smog Filter 295m
Pet Dander

3 Stage Filtration
Pre Filter
Active Carbon Filter

31 - 60dBA
30 Watts
Dims mm: 642 H X 224 D X 450 W
Remote Control
Air Quality Indicator
Automatic Operation Mode
Energy Saving Mode
Extra Fast/Boost Mode
Timer Setting
Filter Change Reminder
Essential oil dispencer for fragranced air


SKU: P500

Air Purification Tailored to Your Concern

The Boneco Air Purifier P500 purifies air efficiently in accordance with your preferences. A permanent pre-filter catches hair, pet dander, household dust and other large particles.  Air is then passed through one of the three specialized, multi-stage filters which act as protective shields and trap the smallest particles in the air.

The P500 can be tailored with filters that can be used to meet your specific needs:
«ALLERGY» filter for people with allergies (factory-fitted option),
«BABY» filter for families with children and (optional alternative)
«SMOG» filter for city residents and smokers (optional alternative)

All filters are available on the Epicair website.