Airflow Duplexvent UNO DV40

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Dwelling Size – for single rooms up to 60m2
Thermal Efficiency – over 90%
Automatic Frost Protection
Built in Electric Post Heater

SKU: 90000400

The Duplexvent UNO DV40 is a single room heat recovery unit designed to provide balanced ventilation for social and commercial premises plus residential buildings.  Designed for retro-fitting, it can be installed easily through the wall without the requirement of central ducting saving on both installation time and component costs.

The unit gives heat recovery efficiencies in excess of 90% and operates with low noise levels (30 – 38dB(A)).  It comes complete with automatic frost protection to prevent condensate freezing during the cold months as well as a built in post-heater to warm supply air to a comfortable level if required.