Kitchen Extractors

Below are Kitchen extractor fans and Cooker Hoods suitable for use in kitchens. Kitchen fans tend to be 150mm or 6" diameter. There is a large range of styles available, from the standard looking with the grilles showing, to the plain white. Kitchen Window with installation kits are also within this category. A variety of control options are available from Pull Cord, Timer and Humidistat. Kitchen extractor fans are not to be confused with cooker hoods which are also used as a form of kitchen extraction and are generally situated directly above a cooker.

ElicaElica cooker hoods are divided into four main styles dependant on your kitchen layout requirements. One of the key things to consider is style and look. But to ensure your Elica cooker hood choice gives optimum performance it should be at least as wide as your oven or hob. Elica adopt only the latest European standards when measuring the efficiency of their products. That’s why Elica cooker hoods are recognised around the world for their unsurpassed performance.