Greenwood Discreet Silent Fan With Timer & Humidistat, Remote Operation - 1B-SR100HTR-DIS

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SKU: 1B-SR100HTR-DIS Greenwood

  • Low noise 26.7 dBA
  • Adjustable Humidity sensor 50 - 90%RH
  • Adjustable run-on timer 2 - 30 minutes
  • Discreet white fascia - no manufacturer logo
  • IP44 rated
  • Anti-backdraught shutters
  • 3 Years Guarantee

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The 1B-SR100HTR-DIS is a silent fan with a timer and a humidistat with a discreet white front cover to nicely disguise the fan in your bathroom.

Humidity sensing. These work by having a fixed humidity level which, when reached, the fan activates. Traditional humidistats work well but as natural levels of humidity rise and fall between summer and winter, they can become more or less sensitive to switch on periodically

Run-On timer - An over-run timer which can adjusted to run- on for between 2 - 30 minutes after the light switch has been turned off