Greenwood Discreet 125 Bathroom Wall Fan With Timer - D125TW

£42.22 inc VAT

SKU: D125TW Greenwood

  • 125mm Bathroom fan
  • Run-On Timer control -Adjustable 2 -30 mins
  • Discreet white fascia cover plate
  • IP24 Rated
  • 3 Years Guarantee

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Traditional fans can look out of place in some bathrooms. The Discreet range offers a simple solution to this problem. In place of the traditional grille the ceiling mounted fan provides a plain white fascia plate that neutralises the look and allows it to blend in with the surroundings. The D125TW is suitable for wall or ceiling mounting and is designed so that the fan will continue to operate for an adjustable period of 2 to 30mins after the main light in the room has been switched off. Suitable for safety zones 1, 2 or Outside the unit comes pre-assembled and is easy to install in both a new build or when replacing an existing fan.