2.0kW Prepdry Stainless Dryer

£172.82 inc VAT

SKU: 20101440 Vent Axia

£172.82 inc VAT

SKU: 20101440 Vent Axia

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65 dB(A) at 1m 

Rated:  2.0kW at 240V


Weight: - 4.0kg (4.5kg packed)

Polished satin stainless steel Cover

BEAB Approved

2700rpm brushless motor 

Insulation Earthed Class 1 

280 x 270 x 148mm (H x W x D)

SKU: 20101440
The Prepdry range has been designed as a powerful yet quiet hand and face dryer whilst saving up to 70% of the cost compared with paper towels. It is an elegant hand dryer for use in many situations where hygiene, economy, convenience and safety are prime considerations. Prepdry is suitable for use in food preparation areas and hospital applications where the highest levels of hygiene have to be observed and is supplied with automatic ‘no-touch’ on/off controls