Airflow Duplexvent DV72L

£999.83 inc VAT

SKU: 90000557 Airflow

Dwelling Size – up to 125m2
Thermal Efficiency – over 90%
Thermal Summer Bypass
In Built Frost Protection
Optional Electric Post Heater

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Duplexvent DV72 is a high performance heat recovery unit which provides a cost-effective solution for residential dwellings.

This MVHR unit is equipped with an easily removable polypropylene, ultra-high efficiency heat exchanger which transfers more than 90% of the warmth from the outgoing waste airstream into the incoming fresh air.

A thermal bypass helps to avoid dwelling overheating in summer.

Thanks to its extremely compact size, the Duplexvent DV72 can be mounted in a standard 600mm kitchen cupboard or vertically on the wall which can provide a space saving solution, especially in smaller or medium sized dwellings.