Greenwood Centrifugal Surface Mounted Fan, Continuously Running At Trickle Speed - SF90A

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SKU: SF90A Greenwood

  • SF90A Surface mounted  centrifugal fan.
  • Continuous running with boost
  • Suitable for duct runs up to 10m long
  • 24/41 dBA
  • IP44 rated
  • Pull cord to boost
  • The SF90A replaces the S90A

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The SF90A runs continuously at low-level at trickle speed. Changing to high or 'boost' speed is achieved via the pull cord or remote switch. The SF90A is IP rated 44, can be located in Zones 1, 2 or in the 'Outer Zone' and surface, wall or ceiling mounted

It is a dual speed, 100mm surface mounted centrifugal fan suitable for duct runs up to 10m long. This is the 'A' Continuous operation model - a dual speed fan operated to boost via a light switch or pull cord remote switch or humidity sensor. The overrun timer can be set to run for up to 30 minutes. The SF90A replaces the S90A. So if you have a S90A then this fan is its direct replacement and it will fit in the same space as your existing product and ducting. The S90 range has been in production since the 1990's so the quality and durability of the fan has been proven and has stood the test of time.