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Veto MB3 Meter Bag

Veto Pro PacSKU: AX3578

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Veto Pro Pac MB3

NEW FOR 2021 

Based on the ever so popular MB3B but now without the hard plastic base, the NEW MB3 is for the tradesman who really wants to look after his tools and equipment, know where they are when he is working, access them and make life on site easier, there is no better labour saving device than a Veto Pro Pac bag. 

The MB3 is a large meter bag capable of storing, transporting & protecting large meters. The main bay is designed for digital manifolds, meters up to 13.5”(34cm) tall and/or a few select hand tools.

Tablet Pocket Dimensions:

  • Handle Height (HH): 14”
  • Width (W): 11"
  • Depth (D): 5"
  • (36cm HH X 28cm W X 13cm D)
  • Weight (empty): 3lbs/1.5kg
  • Internal Volume: 270 in3/ 4.5L
  • Max Payload: 25lbs/11kg

Built to last, it is supplied with the ultimate vote of confidence - a 5 Year warranty


BrandVeto Pro Pac
Width89mm (3.5")
Length228mm (9")
Height360mm (14")
Pocket Count13
D-Rings4 small
Weatherproof Body Fabric600 PVC Impregnated denier fabric
Guarantee5 years

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