Elica Andante Stainless Steel-Black-White Glass with External Motor



Available Now!

  • Size: 600/900/1200mm
  • Finish: Stainless Steel/Black/White Glass
  • Settings: 3 speed + Boost
  • Controls: Touch Controls
  • Performance: 272- 647m3/hr 
  • Sound: 38 - 61dBA 
  • Lighting: Neon 
NEW Andante Downdraft Extractor. The Andante with a choice of high powered external motors producing up to (757) m3h and is available in Stainless Steel, Stainless Steel and Black or White Glass. These are available in 900mm and 1200mm. AND-GME-90-BLK PRF0106378 AND-GME-90-SS PRF0106382 AND-GME-90-WH PRF0106386 AND-GME-120-BLK PRF0106376 AND-GME-120-SS PRF0106380 AND-GME-120-WH PRF0106380 External Motor Choices are : GEM-22 remote motor for external installation GME-88 remote motor for installation inside the property