Falmec Sirio Ceiling Mounted Hood

£2,138.86 inc VAT

SKU: SIR-900-CEI-ILSE Falmec

£2,138.86 inc VAT

SKU: SIR-900-CEI-ILSE Falmec

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Size: 900mm wide
Recessed Depth: Dependant upon motor selected – please refer to data sheet
White Tempered Glass
4 Speeds
Electronic Control with Remote Control Included
800 - 1500m³/h Max (Dependant upon motor selected)
52 – 75dB(A) (Dependant upon motor selected)
LED Lighting 4000K (Dimmable for Ambient Lighting)
Leadtime: 1 – 3 weeks


The Falmec Sirio is a flush fitting, ceiling mounted hood which can be installed in either a recirculating or a ducted configuration.  If you are choosing a ducted installation, there are a variety of motor options available (diagrams are on the datasheet under the ‘Technical Info’ tab).  You can choose one of the following types;

  • Inline motor - slimline or standard motor installed either on top of the hood or along the duct run
  • External motor - motor installed vertically on an outside wall
  • Flat roof motor - motor installed externally on top of a flat roof

Inline and external motors are available in two capacities.  Choose the higher capacity motor for more complex or longer duct runs – if you are unsure, please contact us for details on 01892 600121. 

The Falmec Sirio is manufactured in white tempered glass and comes complete with LED lighting which can be dimmed to provide additional ambient lighting.  Air is extracted around the perimeter of the unit and it comes complete with a remote control.  If you are choosing a recirculating installation you will also need to purchase Falmec’s revolutionary Carbon.Zeo filter kit – KACL.939#BF – for use with the slim motor.

Carbon.Zeo Filtering Technology (Recirculating Installation Only) – Up to 86% reduction in cooking odours

The exclusive Falmec Carbon.Zeo combined filter utilises materials found in nature and capitalises on their ability to reduce both cooking odours and moisture.  The filter has a long life - approximately 3 years with regular use.  It is designed to be regenerated every 18 months, by placing it in the oven at 200⁰C for two hours and must be replaced after three years.