IQ Lo Carbon

£154.99 inc VAT

SKU: 405155 Vent Axia

£154.99 inc VAT

SKU: 405155 Vent Axia

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Multi-function intermittent or continuous running

Run-on Timer- adjustable 15 - 30 mins

Intelligent Humidity control

Low noise 21dBA

Low Energy

Low Profile

Super easy to clean

Optional use pull cord

Automatic airing function

5 year Warranty

SKU: 405155

Multi-function intermittent or continuous running - The Lo Carbon iQ has been designed to run as an intermittent fan - coming on when a switch or light switch is activated or, as a constant running fan running 24/7 365 days a year. Constant running ventilation is designed for rooms without windows (which tend to suffer from poor air quality) or those with condensation issues.

Run-on Timer- adjustable 15 - 30 mins - the run-on timer will set the fan to run for an adjustable period of either 15 or 30 minutes after the fan has been switched off to help return the room to good air quality after the room is no longer in-use

Intelligent Humidity control - this feature is a new form of digital humidity control whereby the fan constantly monitors and records the mositure content throughout the year. The fan then uses this information to ensure it only operates when it can reduce man-made humidity. A function which increases the effectiveness of humidity control and reduce nuisance running.

Low noise 21dBA - that is a quiet figure about the level you would expect if someone was whispering or leaves were rustling

Low Energy - The fan consumes on 5 watts of energy - that's about a third of a conventional AC bathroom fan

Low Profile - The fan has a depth profile of just 31mm. As the spigot is completely removable it is possible for the fan to be truly flush mounted. So, if you have ducting of less than 100mm or there is insufficient depth for a long spigot then the iQ can provide the answer.

Super easy to clean - this is probably the easiest fan in the world to clen! simply pop off the centre impelleropen the centre of the fan and you will have access to the ducting and fan to ensure the iQ continues with clean effective operation

Optional use pull cord - a pull cord is included which can either be used or tucked away 

Automatic airing function - If the iQ has not been used for 26 hours, it has an airing programme which runs for 60 minutes to improve air quality. The purpose of this is to help prevent the build up of mustiness in periods of non-uyese i.e. holidays

5 year Warranty - the low voltage motorhas a lifespan of approximately 60,000 hours - backed by a 5 year guarantee