Javac XTR-Altima A2L Recovery Unit


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XTR-Altima A2L Recovery Unit - XTRC2-A2L

Javac XTR Altima A2L Dual Voltage Recovery Unit for R32 ideal for air conditioning and refrigeration

The JAVAC ALTIMA A2L is the latest addition to the successful XTR range of Refrigerant Recovery Solutions. With Spark Proof Design, the Altima A2L is suitable for R32 and R1234yf Applications*

True multi-purpose recovery including A2L flammable refrigerants. In fact, a whole range of CFC’s, HCFC’s and HFC’s with blends and A & B variations.

Comprehensive Manifold
Complete with a selectable Automatic Low Pressure Shut Off. The high performance condenser with fan forced cooling allows you to recover with confidence.

Features and Capabilities

  • V-Twin compressor with electronic starter

  • Most refrigerants, including R410a

  • UL listed ignition protected switches & circuit breaker

  • High torque AC motor

  • 5m hard wired 240v lead Technical Specification

  • Recovery Rates: Liquid 216kg / hr Vapour 30kg / hr Push Pull 660kg per hour

  • Weight: 16kg

  • Size: L 420mm W 290mm H 420mm

  • Twin head 3/4 HP compressor

  • Oil free compressor

  • Automatic shut off

  • Integrated self purge

  • High power fan cooling

  • Integrated low pressure control

  • Low pressure control manual override

  • HP and LP gauge fully enclosed

  • Integrated circuit breaker protection

  • High capacity condenser

  • Connection fittings 1/4 SAE

*Suitable for R32 & R1234yf applications in markets which classifies R32 & R1234yf gases in the A2L category.


Part No. XTRC2A2L
Size: 420mm(L)x290mm(W)420mm(H)
Weight: 14kg
Warranty: 2 Year Extended Warranty

Additional Features:

• Recovers most refrigerants

• Easy to clean inlet filter

• Robust blow moulded case

        BrandJAVAN (CAT 93)

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