Jet Dry Plus in White

£498.00 inc VAT

SKU: 409118 Vent Axia

£498.00 inc VAT

SKU: 409118 Vent Axia

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10 second dry time


99.9% HEPA Filter + UV sterilisation

LED indicator

Insulation Earthed Class I

Weight 9.5kg

IPX4 Rated

Lo-Carbon DC Motor, 750w

Unique “blue dry zone” indicator

Antibacterial coating + Dust Filter

2 speed and 2 heat settings


300 x 700 x 225mm (WxHxD)

SKU: 409118
Jet Dry is an automatic double sided high speed jet hand dryer, designed to provide a cost effective alternative to conventional hand dryers and paper towels. The Jet Dry has been developed with speed in mind to provide rapid drying time from just10 seconds, thus reducing washroom time. The fast dry range offers up to 70% energy saving when compared to conventional dryers. The Jet Dry Plus is one of the quickest hand dryers on the market and uses the latest twin jet style drying technology giving just 10 seconds dry time. Additional sanitisation is provided by the inclusion of a 99.9% HEPA filter and UV sterilisation.