Greenwood Samika LE100 With Timer & Humidistat, Pullcord - LE100HT

£110.46 inc VAT

SKU: LE100HT Greenwood

  • Digital Humidistat and Timer controls
  • 6 adjustable speed settings
  • Low noise 25-45 dBA
  • IPX 4 Rated
  • Optional pull cord use 
  • Discreet white front cover. 
  • Soft closing anti-backdraught shutters
  • 2 Years Guarantee

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The Samika LE100HT is a low energy fan with modern DC motors and digital Humidity and Timer controls.

The DC motor provides low noise and efficient air movement. This when combined with the latest digital comntrols - designed to be sensitive enough to react to occupier use and not a pre-set generic setting - make this the latest technology providing comfortable efficient ventilation

In addition, the fan has 6 adjustable speed settings which are used to ensure that whatever location the fan is fitted - wall, window, ceiling, the air flow of the fan can be adjusted to deliver the correct airflow.