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Veto TF-XXL Extra Large Open Top Contractor’s Tool Bag

Veto Pro PacSKU: AX3591

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Veto TF-XXL Extra Large Open Top Contractor’s Tool Bag

With 2 horizontal ‘slick’ pockets & variety of exterior vertical tool pockets, the TF-XXL was designed from the ground-up for the art of timber framing. With a foot print of 9” X 25-1/2” the bag can easily accommodate a framing square, a 24” level & other hand tools often needed to assemble & erect a timber framed building.  Also, ideal as a BULK STORAGE TOO BAG FOR ANY TRADE.

Dimensions: 50.8cm (20")H X 66.04cm (26")L X 27.94m (11")W

Built to last, it is supplied with the ultimate vote of confidence - a 5 Year warranty


BrandVeto Pro Pac
Width241mm (9.5")
Length648mm (25.5”)
Height432mm (17”)
Pocket Count57
Vertical Tool Pockets51 interior & exterior
D-Rings4 large and 5 small
Waterproof Base3mm Injection molded Polypropylene
Weatherproof Body Fabric1800 PVC Impregnated denier fabric
Guarantee5 years

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