Zehnder Charleston Relax


SKU: CR5026-13 Zehnder

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25- 30 working days
Guarantee 5 Years
Heat output @
543 - 747 Watts
1852 - 2549 BTU

The Zehnder Charleston is the original multi column radiator and whilst the techniques and precision of manufacture have changed, it is still being produced to the original design from the 1930's and so retains its authentic appeal. It is available in a wide variety of sizes to suit your project.  The Zehnder Charleston Relax is practical and clever for modern life styles especially ideal for hallways and conservatories. Available in two sizes 455mm x 800mm and 455mm x 1000mm.

This radiator is available in any of the Zehnder Colour System colours – see here - at a cost of the standard white + 25%.  Colour swatches can be ordered here and the cost is refundable either when you return the swatch or place an order.  Delivery of coloured radiators is normally c.4 weeks.  Please contact us for further details.