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For today’s homes an increasing focus is placed on the reduction of noise as kitchens become the social hub of the home and bathrooms a place to relax and unwind - so noisy appliances are not welcome. In this section we have selected a range of fans and cooker hoods which demonstrate considerable noise reduction compared with their regular counterparts.

Some are also endorsed via the Quiet Mark tm which independently assesses products for their performance and noise reduction compared to tot other products. Look out for the Quiet Mark symbol on the product pages.

So, put simply, the Epicair Silent range is designed to deliver the ventilation you want without the noise that you don’t want by up to 15dB(A) – which is a lot

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  • aventasilent

    100mm High Pressure In-Line Silent

    High pressure handling

    2 speed fan

    High capacity 170/240m3/hr

    24/29 dBA

    IPX4 Rated

    3 year warranty

    SKU: 90000358
    £152.95 inc VAT
  • Airflow QT100MST QuietAir fan

    Airflow QT100MST

    Motion sensor on/off

    Adjustable timer 6 - 21 mins

    Two speed, Low noise 25/30 dBA

    IP 45 rated

    SKU: 9041262
    £162.85 inc VAT
  • Airflow QT120HT QuietAir fan

    Airflow QT120HT

    Low noise - 32/36dBA

    120mm bathroom / utility room fan

    Adjustable run-on timer 6 - 21 mins

    Adjustable humidity sensor

    Remote switch on/off 2 min Eco start delay on

    2 speed

    Discreet cover plate

    IP45 rated

    Anti-backdraught shutters

    3 Year warranty

    SKU: 9041499
    £159.64 inc VAT
  • Airflow QT120MST QuietAir fan

    Airflow QT120MST

    Low noise 32 to 36 dB(A)

    PIR Motion sensor

    120mm bathroom / utility room fan

    Two speed

    Adjustable timer

    Discreet white front cover 

    3 Year warranty

    SKU: 9041500
    £190.75 inc VAT
  • Airflow QT150VS QuietAir fan

    Airflow QT150VS

    Variable speed 50 - 260m³/hr

    150mm Low Noise Kitchen fan

    35 to 39 dB(A)

    Discreet white front cover

    3 year warranty

    IP45 Rated

    Variable Speed Controller required 9041569

    SKU: 90000458
    £188.04 inc VAT
  • aventasilent


    AVS125 125mm Mixed flow in-line fan 2 speed
    SKU: 90000359
    £162.56 inc VAT
  • aventasilent


    AVS150 150mm Mixed flow in-line fan 2 speed
    SKU: 90000360
    £191.44 inc VAT
  • Samika LE150HT

    Low Energy Fan with Digital Humidity Sensing Samika LE150HT Greenwood HumidiSMART

    150mm or 6" Discreet kitchen fan

    Digital intelligence Humidity & Timer controls

    6 adjustable speed settings

    Low Energy

    29-47.5 dBA

    Optional use pull cord 

    Soft closing anti-backdraught shutters

    2year warranty

    SKU: LE150HT
    £168.48 inc VAT
  • Airflow QT150T QuietAir fan

    Low Noise Kitchen Fan Airflow QT150T

    Low noise 35 to 39 dB(A)

    150mm Kitchen fan

    Eco start after 2 minutes

    choice of two speeds

    adjustable timer

    discreet white front cover

    IP45 rated

    3 year warranty

    SKU: 90000455
    £154.01 inc VAT
  • Greenwood Silent Shower Kit SR100LTSK with light

    Shower Kit Greenwood SR100LTSK

    3 metre duct kit - 100mm

    Adjustable run-on timer 2 - 30 minutes

    With 12v light + white & chrome bezel

    Low noise 24 dBA

    IP44 Rated

    2 year warranty

    SKU: SR100LTSK
    £154.68 inc VAT

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