Radic8 VK002 Air Purifier

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Radic8 VK002 Air Purifier

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For rooms up to 100m2

Fungus Destruction 99.99%*
Virus Destruction 99.99%*
Fine Dust Removal 99.90%*
Odour/Toxic Gas 99%*
* see data sheet

6 stage neutralisation
Washable Pre Filter
Nano Silver Coated Medium Filter
Nano Silver Coated HEPA Filter
8 X UVC Lights
70 X Titanium Dioxide Filters
Double Activated Carbon Filters

40 - 49 dBA
2 X Remote Control
4 X Casters
4 Way Air Flow
Multifunction LED Panel
Fine Dust & VOC's Sensor Matrix
Dims mm: 1220 H X 380mm D X 380mm W

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The VK 002 incorporates the patented VK reactor cell sterilisation technology designed to thoroughly clean air. .Starting with a complex filter set designed to remove particles, air passing through the VK Blue is passed through a chamber comprising of UVC Lights and photo catalytic Titanium Dioxide (Ti02) coated nano filter tubes. As air passes through the chamber this combination creates the strongest oxidant known to man - hydroxyl radicals.These radicals target molecules of polluted air – Bacteria, Viruses, VOC’s Mould, Fungi, Toxic Gas and decompose them to produce harmless water and carbon dioxide.

This process works to protect you on 3 levels to ensure the air in your home is clean.

  • DIRTY AIR: Dirty air is air that is polluted with coarse particulate matter such as Dust / Pollen / Dander / Cigarette smoke.

  • SICK AIR: Sick air is air that is polluted with microbial matter such as Bacteria / Viruses / Mould / Fungi.
    Although HEPA systems will catch Bacteria, Mould and Fungi: they can grow on the filter and become a source of contamination. HEPA filters will not catch viruses, they need to be destroyed by hextio.Hextio carries the Viruskiller™ 99.9999% kill rate of all respiratory viruses

  • TOXIC AIR: Toxic air is air polluted with Gases, Chemicals and VOC’s. HEPA filter systems are not effective against toxic air. Toxic air needs clean air technology such as that within hextio that neutralises nano particles.

The power of the Virus Killer's destruction abilities were tested on some of the most difficult pollutants to neutralize and were conducted by the International Laboratories KCL

Nitrogen Dioxide  xx%. Nitrogen dioxide is commonly associated with traffic pollution. A dangerous pollutant within vehicles, homes and work places.

Formaldehyde 84%. Formaldehyde is a common indoor air pollutant and is emitted from furnishings. Did you know a new carpet can off gas formaldehyde for up to two years?

Toluene 100%. Toluene is emitted from vehicle exhaust emissions, paints, or nail polishes. It is an especially dangerous pollutant during a pregnancy.

For the further details please review the data sheet.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Brand Radic8
Room Size 100m2
Room Size Category 61-110m²
CADR Rating N/A
Smoke Yes
Asthma No
Dust Mite Yes
Hay Fever Yes
Traffic Yes
Mould Yes
Odour No
Chemical Sensitivity Yes
Pet Dander Yes
Filter Type Air Purifier Pre Filter, Silver Coated HEPA ,Active Carbon
Dimensions 1220H x 380 D x 380 W
Sound Level @ 3m (dB(A)) 40 - 49
Power 280w
Guarantee No
Technical Info

Technical Info

Data Sheet: Adobe Acrobat DocumentProduct Brochure Size: (1.66 MB)  Downloads: (17)