What is MVHR & How Does it Work - A Quick Overview

If you are building a new home and have ever wondered about how to keep it well-ventilated whilst also saving energy, then now is the time to learn more about MVHR. MVHR, (Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery), is an innovative ventilation system that not only provides fresh air but also recovers heat energy. 

We spend upwards of 70% of our time indoors so it’s essential for our health and wellbeing that the air we breathe is clean and fresh. When built, modern buildings are insulated tightly to prevent heat loss. This is good but, unless there is an effective ventilation strategy, air inside the home becomes trapped, goes stale, and condensation and mould combine to create poor indoor air quality. MVHR systems have been designed to prevent this and keep your indoor environment comfortable and healthy. So, if you're looking for an effective and eco-friendly way to ventilate your space, MVHR might be just what you need!

A MVHR system both draws fresh air into the building and extracts air out of a building in equal proportion. This ensures there is a constant flow of clean ventilated air. In contrast to a basic extract only ventilation system, (where all air including heated air is expelled), an MVHR system, extracts heat from the outgoing stale air and passes it to the incoming fresh air and to be returned to the home. This process helps to reduce the energy required to heat the home as heat, that would otherwise be lost, is captured and returned to the home, reducing the cost of maintaining a comfortable indoor temperature.

Part of the ingenuity of this system is that despite heat being recovered, the incoming and outgoing airflows never mix. This process is performed via a series of membranes in the heat exchanger which keeps the two airstreams separate and only allows heat to transfer to the incoming air. 

Using this process, MVHR systems are highly efficient and can recover up to 90% of the heat energy from the outgoing stale air which may otherwise be lost. 

If this sounds like just what you need and you have questions, then why not give our MVHR experts a call on 01892 600121 or email them info@epicair.co.uk  We can help with the design, supply or commissioning of your new MVHR system so please contact us at your convenience.