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Showing 1 - 2 of 2 products
Unilite SLR-1750 Folding Compact WorklightUnilite SLR-1750 Folding Compact Worklight
Unilite SLR-1750 Folding Compact Worklight
SKU: slr-1750

1750 lumen white COB LED, 6500k
ƒ Red LED modes for emergency / signalling /
night vision
ƒ Built-in USB power bank for charging devices
ƒ 180˚ rotating handle/stand with carabiner snap
ƒ Strong magnets within the stand
ƒ Super tough copolymer and aluminium
ƒ Glow-in-the-dark strip for extra visibility
ƒ IPX5 water resistant
ƒ Battery level and charging indicators
ƒ 3A USB-C charging - 7 hours charge time
ƒ 1m high quality USB-C cable (included)
ƒ Upgraded ‘LG’ batteries for greater longevity

Sale price£78.88 inc VAT
Unilite L-1800 Powerful Rechargeable LanternUnilite L-1800 Powerful Rechargeable Lantern
Unilite L-1800 Powerful Rechargeable Lantern
SKU: l-1800

1800 lumen white spot beam LED, 6500k

Additional 1000 lumen COB LED floodlight, 6500k

Red static and flashing modes

Super tough polycarbonate, ABS, and aluminium construction

Glow-in-the-dark strip around reflector

Easy press dual switches for easy mode selection

Threaded hole in the base for attaching to tripods

Convenient shoulder carry strap included

Battery level and charging indicator LEDs

Super high power 18,000mAh Li-ion battery

Multiple USB power bank outputs – 5V 3A / 9V 2A / 12V 1A

Intelligent multiple USB-C charging inputs – 5V 3A / 9V 2A

Faster 2A and 3A charging - 7 or 8 hours charge time


Sale price£96.22 inc VAT

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