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If you're building your dream home and installing an MHVR system, we can help get it right. To do this, system design is crucial.

You are about to build your new home. Something which will have involved many hours of painstaking thought to get to this point. Designing the ventilation system is a continuation of this. We see your design as a collaborative process, working with you or your architect to understand the layout of your home and deciding where to locate the key components and making sure its all understood and right. And ultimately, by doing this, we know the system will meet Building Regulations and once installed, be signed off by Building Control.

There is a small cost to this which allows us to provide you with a first class service.

When building a property, it's tempting to want every last screw and length of wood on site just to make sure you have all you need. Unfortunately, this has its own issues, not least space and the opportunity for some components to get lost or damaged. Because we understand the process, we can divide your order into bundles so you only get what you need, when you need it - as well as spreading the cost - we will only invoice you for what we have shipped. Supply normally takes place in two stages (like the build).

1st Fix
-this bundle contains all the items that go into the structure of the building behind the final finishes so things like ducting and manifolds that get tucked into walls or behind ceiling boards.

As MVHR ducting is larger than standard plumbing and electrical services it is essential to fit this first to avoid costly duct run clashes later.

2nd Fix
- once all the services are in, the plastering and painting done, we're ready to install the unit and connect the ducting. We will then commission the MVHR making sure all the functions are working, the air flows are correct and comply with the Building Regulations and are according to the design. We then complete the required paperwork required by Building Control and explain how it operates, to you.
MVHR Supply Pallets

If you would like us to install the system, you can have confidence that the finished job will be right. Our team has years of experience of specific MVHR installations so your project will be done by people who know what they're doing. We are mainly South East based but have installed and commissioned systems across the UK.

If you are considering installing the system yourself, we can work with you. We'll make sure you have all the necessary information from planning through to delivery of components. After this we are always available for questions as the install progresses.

Commissioning is the final step in the process to ensure that what was intended at design stage is achieved. A poorly balanced system can lead to issues with air quality which may even go as far as damaging the fabric of the building with issues like condensation and mould.

As well as making sure your system is running as it should, our accredited partners will take you through the system functionality and controls so you know exactly what you are doing and provide the testing and handover paperwork required by Building Control.

MVHR Servicing

Servicing an NVHR unit is essntial and will both prolong the life of the unit and ensure your indoor air quality remains good.

One of the ways it does this is to collect dust and debris from the air which can lead to a build-up in the unit's filters. How quikcly this happens may depend on where you are located with city locations collecting more particulates more quickly than rural areas. In most cases all that needs to be done is to change or clean the filters.

OA simple look will be enough for most people to identify a filter change is mecessary as, there is a collection of dirt and debris that accumulate and cannot be removed with a light vaccum. Most MVHR manufacturers recommend filters are changed at intervals between 6-12 months.

MVHR installation is easier when you have the tools for the job. Here's a selection of the best. If you need something we don't have, please ask.

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Accessories: As with all tasks, having the right tools and equipment just makes life easier!