Greenwood Discreet Silent Fan With Timer, Remote Operation - 1B-SR100TR-DIS

£77.40 inc VAT

SKU: 1B-SR100TR-DIS Greenwood

  • Low noise 26.7 dBA
  • Run-On Timer control -Adjustable 2 -30 mins
  • Discreet white fascia - no manufacturer logo
  • IP44 Rated
  • Anti-backdraught shutters included
  • 3 Years Guarantee

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The SR100TR-DIS is designed so that the extractor fan can run-on for an adjustable period of 2 to 30mins after the light or wall switch has been turned off.  The benefit is that the fan will operate when the room is no longer in use, continuing to clear the moisture. The fan will switch off at the end of the overrun time which can be altered by adjusting the timer control.

Suitable for safety zones 1,2 or Outside the unit comes pre-assembled and is easy to install in both new build or when replacing an existing fan, and has with a discreet neutral white cover designed to help it disappear into the bathroom surroundings.