Airflow QuietAir With Motion Sensor - QT100MST

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  • Motion sensor on/off
  • Adjustable timer 6 - 21 mins
  • Two speed, Low noise 25/30 dBA
  • IP 45 rated
  • 3 Years Guarantee


This QuietAir Motion Sensor/Timer Fan carries the Quiet Mark Approval and is part of an extended range of elegant, discreet axial fans that are extremely quiet with various control options that activate the fan only when needed - the choices are: remote switching, timer, humidity with timer and motion sensor with timer.

This Motion Sensor/Timer model has two ways of being activated, it is activated by movement and it can also be connected to a switch for continuous operation, it can be connected to the same switch as the light circuit when a 2 pole switch is used.

This 100mm version is fitted with:

A PIR Motion sensor 

A 15 minute run-on timer

Two speed options - to adjust for individual requirements,

Integral flow straightener, Anti back draught flap

Clip-on cover for ease of cleaning.  

Operation mode of the PIR motion sensor; The sensor registers the heat emission of human beings within its range. If a person enters a room, the sensor activates the fan into operation. When no more movement is registered within the room, the timer run-on period of approx 15 minutes starts. The timer is reset to 15 minutes every time the sensor registers movement during the run on period. Maximum monitoring range; Maximum distance of 5 m within an angle span of 100 horizontal and 82 vertical. The temperature difference between object and background must be at least 4C. Lowest object speed is 0.5 to 1.5 m/s. The effective range depends on the temperature difference and speed of movement.

When installing this fan you need to select which of the two speeds you want the motion sensor to operate at. More detail is available on the wiring instructions included in the box. The QuietAir range is designed to provide powerful extraction levels that exceed the requirements of the latest Building Regulations. Fans ideally should be quiet when they operate but not at the cost of performance. This fan will perform to Building Regulations Installed Performance requirements, on BOTH speeds. Therefore when you take into consideration the noise level and energy consumption of this fan in relation to its performance then the QuietAir is class leading. This fan has also been designed to deal with a longer duct run when compared to other axial designed fans. To achieve the longest duct run rigid ducting should be used and not flexible ducting. Where flexible ducting is used the radius of the pipe must be maintained as well as being pulled very tight to reduce resistance. An extractor fans location in a room is important for it to perform; it ideally needs to be the furthest point away from where the replacement air will enter the toilet, ensuite or bathroom. In most cases the replacement air comes in under the door of the room, important that the undercut on the door meets the Building Regulations for air to flow in.

This fan can be mounted in the wall or the ceiling, where there is reduced depth in a ceiling application then part of the spigot vane on the back of the fan can be removed and reinstalled after the bend. It is important that if the duct run is long (more than 1m) that the spigot is reinserted as this helps the flow of air. This fan is fitted with a back draught flap that can be removed if you already have an external grille that provides this function.

Box Contains:

1 x fan

1 x Screws and wall plugs

1 x Instructions on how to fit

Control OptionTimer
DeliveryNext Day
Dimensions147mm X 147mm X 96mm
Fan LocationWall or Ceiling
Sound25/30 dB(A)
Performance75 / 90 (21/25)
Integral ShuttersYes
IP Rating45
Maximum Duct Run3m or less
Power5w min - 9w max
Room TypeUtility/Kitchen
Running ModeSwitched
Safety ZoneZone 1, 2 and Outside
Spigot Dimension100mm
Guarantee3 Years

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