Airflow Unohab External Wall Insulation Vent Kit

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Unohab single room heat recovery unit

Single room MVHR Unohab units can be installed in individual rooms. As the name suggests, it is designed to be used in habitable rooms for ventilation of only one room/space, or depending upon design requirements, it can be a whole-house ventilation system. They can be used in habitable rooms such as bedrooms, living rooms, dining rooms, home offices and so on. Factors that need to be considered when using these units is the amount of background ventilation available and that they need to go on an external wall. You can also use single units as a total house solution, this is done by pairing units up and is very useful for where retrofit does not easily allow for a central MVHR unit to be installed. The Unohab system is a non-ducted ventilation system and as the existing air in the property is extracted the heat is recovered. Then, the units are using this heat to warm up the new fresh air entering the property, so the Unohab is supplying consistent fresh air that is warmed up by the recovered heat. The Unohab ventilation system was designed for new and renovated buildings which are becoming more airtight due to insulation layers. Therefore, natural air exchange can no longer take place indoors and the humid and stale air is not exhausted. The Unohab will prevent moisture damage to the building structure (dampness and mould) providing extraction and supply in a continuous and automatic way.


  • For use in single rooms up to 42 m2
  • Flow rate up to 45 m3/h
  • Easy to install through the wall (no central ducting)
  • Up to 88% thermal efficiency
  • Elegant and unobtrusive design to blend with interior décor
  • Up to 8 units may be controlled simultaneously
  • Silent operation 14-34 dB(A) with optional sound insulation elements
  • LED display of current operating mode and fan speed
  • Three operating modes (heat recovery, cross ventilation and supply air only)
  • Simple to adjust settings through its intuitive commissioning software
  • Built-in ISO Coarse 50% (G3) filters with maintenance indicator - ISO 16890 compliant
  • 2 year warranty*

The Unohab External Wall Insulation Vent kit consists of one Unohab unit and one external wall insulation vent kit.

Dwelling Size42
Connections MM4 x 125
Condensate Discharge3/4 BSP
Sound Level @3M (DBA)14-34
Thermal EfficiencyUp to 88%
Frost ProtectionOptional
ControlsThree Operating Modes
Running ModeContinuous
Parts Guarantee2 Years
SAP-Appendix QYes
(ERP) Directive 2016 RatingA

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