Firoblok for Ventilation Ducting - 220mm x 90mm-600mm

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 220mm x 90mm

Fire protection for ducting and ventilation systems that pass through fire-rated block, brick, concrete, or plasterboard, both internally and externally. Specialised sleeves designed for electrical conduits are also available in this range. Made of a fibre-free intumescent material which allows for the natural expansion and contraction of pipes and also gives protection from corrosion caused by contact with cement and other materials.

In the case of a fire, the intumescent material will expand, thus sealing the gap and preventing fire spread. They also absorb heat to help prevent services, pipes, and cables from overheating. Highly flexible, moisture resistant, and feature acoustic properties.utting edges stay sharper longer


– No more corrosion problems due to copper pipes having contact with concrete surfaces

– Meets all regulations

– Allows for expansion and contraction of hot pipes and gives up to four hours protection

– Easy to cut; no more sawing and de-burring steel pipes

– Can be cut with a knife and off-cuts can be taped together, leaving no waste

– Will last a lifetime in-situ and will not degrade or deteriorat



Mark the outline for the Firoblok sleeve on the substrate.
Cut out the hole with a powered hole cutter or padsaw and clean down edges.
Fit the Firoblok sleeve over the vent and fit to the ducting or service passing through.
Push the assembly back into the substrate until flush.


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