Zehnder ComfoTube Flat 51 4 port manifold, 6 x Flat 51 ports

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Flat 51 4 port manifold, 6 x Flat 51 ports


The manifold has an extremely low profile and compact design. It is suitable for use with the Zehnder ComfoTube Flat 51 system of semi-rigid ductwork and comes complete with 6x locking slides and oval O-rings.  It can be used with Zehnder CK300 rigid twin
ductwork or the cover can be removed and replaced with the Flat 51 manifold cover with ø 160 mm pipe adaptor. For cleaning purposes the manifold plate can be removed for easy access.  Mounting on the wall, floor or ceiling is done using the pre-moulded fixing holes.  It measures 70mm high x 448mm wide x 438mm deep.

Zehnder P/N 990 322 030

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