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Titon G3 filters for use with HRV1.5,1.6 and 1.65 Q Plus.

SKU: XP2010671B-099

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Filters should be replaced at least annually, or more regularly dependent on environmental conditions. Titon HRV Q Plus filters are available in two grades G3 and G4. Your HRV Q Plus unit comes with G3 filters as standard (HRV10 Q Plus units have G4 filters as standard). G4 filters are a slightly higher grade of filter, but add extra resistance, which in turn may make the unit run at an increased level generating slightly more noise and power consumption.

Filter media should be replaced like for like. Filter may be supplied with either metal or plastic frames both are fully compatible with the units.

Model Version
HRV1.5 Q+ TP409HMB
HRV1.6 Q+ TP419B
HRV1.65 Q+ TP420B
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