Greenwood AXSKMA Select Kitchen Extractor Fan with Pull Cord, Humidistat & Timer

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150mm or 6" kitchen fan

Adjustable run-on timer 2 - 30 mins

Adjustable Humidistat

Gravity shutters

Pull cord



The Select AXSKMA is a single speed axial fan with anti-backdraught shutters and built in guide vanes to improve airflow. The fan has an on/off pull cord switch and timer. Timers- these carry on running for an adjustable period - usually about twenty minutes after it has been switched off - but this can be set to anywhere between two and thirty minutes. The benefit is that the fan will continue to operate when the room is no longer in use, continuing to clear the moisture. The fan will switch off at the end of the overrun time which can be altered by adjusting the sensor. Humidistat fans incorporate sensors that continually monitor the surrounding environment and when the humidity climbs over a certain level the fan turns on automatically. The fan stops automatically once the humidity levels have been reduced to 'normal'. humidity sensor will operate the fan whilst the relative humidity exceeds the pre set activation point. The IP rating is 22.