Greenwood Omnique OF100GIP

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SKU: OF100GIP Greenwood

  • Multi functional extractor fan.
  • Low (SELV) or mains voltage trans incl
  • Continuous or intermittent mode
  • Digital intelligence Timer and Humidistat controls
  • 100% Silent anti-backdraught shutter
  • 100% speed adjustable
  • IPX 4 rated

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The Omnique OF100GIP is unique. A fan which has been designed to be totally flexible and multi functional. It can be used in a bathroom or kitchen and offers six different methods of ventilation:

Basic - on/off via switch/light

Pull cord,



SELV - Low Voltage, and

Continuous running.

With all of these functions available the OF100GIP can be easily set up for any installation or control option and adjusted to suit the the requirements of an individual and the room