Greenwood Unity CV2SVGIP Low Voltage

£124.80 inc VAT

SKU: CV2SVGIP Greenwood

£124.80 inc VAT

SKU: CV2SVGIP Greenwood

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  • CV2SVGIP Low Voltage, 24V DC
  • Continuous running fan
  • Digital intelligent Timer and Humidity controls
  • Low noise 10 - 23.5 dBA
  • Low Energy
  • IP X5 wall and IPX 4 ceiling
  • Transformer included

One Fan, Any Room

Unity CV2GIP is perfectly rounded to deliver a total solution in one box. For bathrooms, WCs or kitchens, in apartments or houses, for the wall or the ceiling, you can be assured that Unity CV2GIP is designed to comply with regulations each and every time.

SMART Technology - Greenwood TimerSMART

Unity CV2GIP features a new and logical approach to timer operation. Its SMARTer beacause in contrast to traditional timers, it looks at the duration of occupancy to define running time rather than have a fixed running period. This removes nuisance running noise, especially at night, and unnecessary energy wastage and heat loss typically associated with traditional timers.

SMART Technology - Greenwood Digital/Intelligent HumidiSMART

Unity CV2GIP features a new and inovative way of using humidity to control ventilation. Its SMARTer beacuase it only looks and reacts to man made humidity. This removes nuisance running noise, especially at night, and unnecessary energy wastage typically associated with increases to background humidity which naturally occur with the changing seasons.

Discreet Design

Greenwood Airvac were the first people to re-think the aesthetics  of a standard extractor fan when they introduced solid fascias to blend more effectively with modern interiors.  They are now challenging convention again with a circular fan which blends in even further, especially in ceilings.

Fuss Free Installation

Greeenwood Airvac's patented self-locating 'Twist-Lock' front fascia simply turns for easy removal. On the inside, screws can be undone but stay in place when you use the innovative 'stay open' internal hinge for easy wiring access. This means there is no need to hold or put down screws and covers, keeping everything within easy reach of the installer.

Touch-Pad for the Easiest Commissioning

Keeping the theme of 'fuss-free installation', we have not ignored the process of commissioning the fan. What better, quicker way than using a simple touch pad to ensure that the job is done with accuracy and speed? All of the commissioning is done from the front of the fan so there is no need to access switches and wires often located in difficult to access places.   

Transformer included