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Greenwood Unity - CV3SV Low Voltage Constant Running Fan


Sale price£241.81 inc VAT
  • CV3SV Extra Low Voltage Continuous running fan
  • Digital intelligent Timer and Humidity controls
  • Low noise - as low as 14.5 dB(A)
  • Low Energy C. £0.97 per year
  • IPX5 wall and IPX4 ceiling
  • 2 Years Guarantee


One Fan, Any Room

Extra low voltage running at 24v DC and ideal for placing into Zone 1 of the bathroom. Unity CV3SV is perfectly rounded to deliver a total solution in one box. For bathrooms, WCs or kitchens, in apartments or houses, for the wall or the ceiling, you can be assured that Unity CV3 is designed to comply with regulations each and every time.

SMART Technology - Greenwood TimerSMART

Unity CV3SV features a new and logical approach to timer operation. Its SMARTer beacause in contrast to traditional timers, it looks at the duration of occupancy to define running time rather than have a fixed running period. This removes nuisance running noise, especially at night, and unnecessary energy wastage and heat loss typically associated with traditional timers.  

SMART Technology - Greenwood Digital/Intelligent HumidiSMART

Unity CV3SV features a new and innovative way of using humidity to control ventilation. Its SMARTer because it only looks and reacts to man made humidity. This removes nuisance running noise, especially at night, and unnecessary energy wastage typically associated with increases to background humidity which naturally occur with the changing seasons.

Do Not Disturb

Don't miss the new 'Do Not Disturb' functionality that allows you to define a period during which the fan won't boost eg. 10pm - 6am to prevent night-time running.

Discreet Design

Greenwood Airvac were the first people to re-think the aesthetics of a standard extractor fan when they introduced solid fascias to blend more effectively with modern interiors.  They are now challenging convention again with a circular fan which blends in even further, especially in ceilings.

Fuss Free Commissioning

You can either commission the unit  via the quick and simple touch pad on the unit or use the Android app to do it via your phone.  Simply pick the trickle and boost flow rate for the room type in which the fan is being fitted and whether or not you wish to engage the TimerSMART and HumidiSMART technology and you are done!

Please note that at the moment this is not compatible with iOS devices and only works with Android phones.


Control OptionHumidistat
DeliveryNext Day
Dimensions199mm spigot diameter (external) x 126mm deep
Fan LocationWall or Ceiling
Sound14.5dB(A) (@ 3 metres)
Performance5 - 16 l/s
Integral ShuttersNo
IP RatingIPX4 (Ceiling Mounted) IPX5 (Wall Mounted)
Maximum Duct RunUp to 6 Metres
Power0.72W min - 2.1W max
Room TypeBathroom
Running ModeConstant
Safety ZoneZone 1, 2 and Outside
Spigot Dimension100mm
Guarantee2 Years

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