Greenwood Silent Shower Induct Fan With Timer - SRD100T

£61.40 inc VAT

SKU: SRD100T Greenwood

  • 100mm Silent duct fan
  • Adjustable Run-On Timer Control Between 2-30 Mins
  • Low Noise - 20.7 dBA
  • IP44 Rated
  • 3 Years Guarantee

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Greenwood inline silent fans are 70% quieter than standard axial fans when operating. The fans are designed to offer an effective, safe ventilation inline ceiling solution. This type of installation requires a more powerful motor as the extracted air will usually have further to travel than a standard through wall installation as it is typically fitted with the duct running in a loft space and out through the soffit. The SRD100T runs with 70% less noise than conventional fans and is designed so that the fan will operate for an adjustable period of 2 to 30mins. The product is ideal as a replacement fan for an existing inline installation. Includes mounting bracket.