MouldBlok EX - External Wall Damp/Mould Protection-1Ltr


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A new Envirograf Mouldblok System that provides mould and fire protection on walls and ceilings. The system comprises three products: Mouldblok AP for the initial surface coating of internal walls, Mouldblok FR for the fire protection coating to apply over Mouldblok AP, and Mouldblok EX for coating external walls to protect against damp and mould.

Mouldblok EX is a coating for external walls to protect against damp and mould. It can be brushed on or rolled on and must be applied using rubber gloves. Care must be taken to keep it off the skin and away from eyes during application. Simple to use and very effective.


Protects from mould

Provides 1 hour of integrity and insulation

Simple to use, easy to apply


Clean all walls or ceilings, taking off any loose paint and removing all wall or ceiling paper. Any grooves or cracks in the ceiling or walls can be made good with Envirograf® Intumescent Cement – Product 63 or AM Intumescent Mastic – Product 58. The approximate drying time is 1 hour.


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