Shower Kit Greenwood Elite 1B-HC115TBK-HCBC

£129.49 inc VAT

SKU: 1B-HC115TBK-HCBC Greenwood

£129.49 inc VAT

SKU: 1B-HC115TBK-HCBC Greenwood

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  • 3 metre duct kit - 125mm
  • High performance shower kit increased airflow (85m3/hr, 24l/s) 
  • Adjustable run-on timer 2 - 30 minutes
  • Bright chrome bezel
  • 12V, 20W SELV lamp
  • 90 deg bend included for easy install
  • IP 44 rated
  • 5 Years Guarantee

Elite shower kits are designed to offer an effective, safe ventilation solution for installation immediately above the shower cubicle, bath or in the bathroom ceiling. This type of installation requires a more powerful motor as the extracted air will generally have to travel further than a standard through wall installation. It is typically fitted with the duct running in a loft space and ducted out through the soffit.

For effective performance it is recommended that this distance should not exceed 3 metres.

The Timer option has the benefit that the fan will continue to operate when the room is no longer in use, continuing to clear the moisture. The timer option is designed so that the fan will operate for an adjustable period of 1 to 25mins. It is factory set at the mid point.

The kit contains:

1 x Inline Duct fan with timer

1 x Mounting foot for duct fan

1 x 90deg bend

1 x External white grille

3m Flexi ducting

Duct fixing ties

1 x 20w lamp