Susurro 400 Dezajno

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  • Decentralised MVHR up to 174 l/sec (626 m3/hr) flow rate
  • Excellent heat recovery efficiency up to 90%
  • Integral CO2 sensor
  • Excellent thermal insulation - thermal transmittance class T2
  • Low noise from just 25.8 dB(A)
  • Complies with BB93, BB101 and ErP 2018
  • 3 year warranty


The Susurro 400 Dezajno offers discrete decentralised ventilation with heat recovery for classrooms and offices. Thanks to the latest in cross-counter-flow heat exchanger technology, Susurro 400 Dezajno can recover up to 90% of the otherwise wasted heat, which significantly reduces ongoing heating bills.

Susurro offers: low specific fan power (SFP), excellent air circulation, automatic 100% bypass, integral CO2 sensor and the option for additional frost protection facilities. All Susurro units incorporate exceptional casing insulation (40mm) to minimise thermal bridging and achieve extremely low noise levels. Thanks to their low noise levels, these units are a particularly popular option for school ventilation systems.

Additional benefits include low energy, low noise EC fans, NFC connectivity with a smartphone, high grade air filters, BMS connectivity (Modbus), slim design for efficient use of space, bypass facilities and unique capillary tube system for optimal laminar air flow and enhanced Coanda effect.

The unit can be easily controlled and adjusted via the touchscreen controller and Building Management Systems (BMS). This real time monitoring ensures that changing conditions are identified and responded to, curtailing the regularity of servicing and running costs. Furthermore, additional unit information can be quickly downloaded via a smartphone thanks to NFC connectivity.

In addition, all Susurro units are compliant with the Energy Related Products Directive (ErP) 2018, Building Bulletin 93 and Building Bulletin 101, providing specifiers the opportunity to have fully compliant MVHR systems installed in schools and commercial premises.


  • Decentralised Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery unit
  • Optional built-in electric pre- and post-heater and built-in water post-heaters available
  • Automatic, 100% summer bypass
  • Unique capillary tube system for optimal laminar air flow and enhanced Coanda effect
  • Weekly and monthly ventilation profile programming available
  • Pre-heater assisted frost protection
  • Touch screen controller offers easy unit control and adjustment
  • NFC connectivity - download unit information via a smartphone
  • BMS connection via Modbus
  • Integral CO2 sensor ensures demand controlled ventilation as standard
  • ISO ePM1 60% / ISO Coarse 60% (F7/G4) class air filters as standard. ISO ePM1 70% / ISO ePM10 60% (F8/M5) options available. - ISO 16890 compliant
  • Real time filter monitoring for effective maintenance
  • Slim design is ideal for both new-builds and retrofits and ensures optimum use of space
  • Compliant with BB101:2017 and BB93:2017


  • H 394mm x W 1870mm x D 965mm
  • Weight: 92 kg

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