testo 300 - Flue Gas Analyser 'Smart' kit

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    • For testing domestic gas & oil boilers

    • Flue gas, tightness & let-by, differential temperature & pressure, ambient CO, & draught measurent menus

    • 4,000 ppm CO sensor with automatic pump shut off to prevent over-ranging

    • EN50379-1/3 and BS7967 compliant


      Product Description

      With this kit, you will be equipped for the most important measurements involving domestic heating systems: the testo 300 flue gas analyzer is supplied with O2 and CO sensor up to 4,000 ppm, basic flue gas probe, testo Bluetooth® Connector, 1x testo 510i bluetooth differential manometer, 2 x testo 115i bluetooth pipe clamp thermometer, instrument carry case, AC USB power supply.
BrandTESTO (CAT 100)

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