Titon CME 3.1 Q Plus HA (Humidity)


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he new CME3.1 Q Plus is ideal for continuous extract of stale, damp and polluted air to the outside environment.

The CME3.1 Q Plus is the latest addition to the centralised mechanical extract unit range. The combination of aesthetic smooth lines and a low profile makes it the ideal solution for hidden ceiling installation in flats and apartments.

The unit has a very large duty range over 113 l/s (405 m3/hr) at 200 Pa.

  • Features & Benefits

    • High energy efficiency levels, via Electronically Commutated (EC) motor
    • Very low power consumption/specific fan power
    • Airflow up to 121 l/s (445 m3/h) at 100 Pa
    • Compact – unit is small and low in profile, can be fitted in airing cupboards, cupboards or loft spaces
    • Easy installation due to innovative sub-assembly and unique packaging design
    • Optional adjustable humidity sensor (between 55% RH & 85% RH) increases unit’s speed proportionally
    • Low unit noise
    • Fully adjustable boost overrun timer 0-30 minutes
    • Can accept either Ø125 and/or Ø100
    • Unit can be cleaned and serviced without disturbing ducting
    • For use in conjunction with Titon trickle vents
    • Available in volt free and switch live inputs
    • Quick and easy commissioning
    • Demand control ventilation ready
    • Wide duty range
    • Can be mounted on any plane


    Technical Information

    • TP342A – CME3.1 Q Plus
      TP342HA – CME3.1 Q Plus, humidity sensor

      Switch live inputs
       – CME3.1 Q Plus, humidity sensor and switch live inputs

      Indicator Ready (auralite® CME – TP517)
      TP342CH – CME 3.1 Q Plus, humidity sensor, controls ready (Full assembly).

                BrandTITON CVU CAT 63
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