Titon CME2.1 Q Plus (MEV) with humidity sensor


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The CME2.1 Q Plus is ideal for continuous extract of stale, damp and polluted air to the outside environment.

The combination of aesthetic smooth lines, unique tilted impeller and single level ports provides the ideal solution for hidden ceiling installation in flats and apartments.

The unit has a very large duty range over 103 l/s (371 m3/hr) at 200 Pa.

Features & Benefits

  • High energy efficiency levels, via Electronically Commutated (EC) motor
  • Very low power consumption/specific fan power
  • Airflow up to 123 l/s (445 m3/h) at 100 Pa
  • Compact – unit is small and low in profile, can be fitted in airing cupboards, cupboards or loft spaces
  • Easy installation due to innovative sub-assembly and unique packaging design
  • Optional two part installation
  • Performs to high levels through rectangular ports; does away with need for round to rectangular adaptors, saving cost, reducing joints and installation time
  • Optional adjustable humidity sensor (between 55% RH & 85% RH) triggers boost speed proportionally
  • Duct ports on one level, lessening need for unnecessary bends in ducting, saving cost, reducing joints and installation time
  • Ideal for central mechanical ventilation in refurbishment of single floor dwellings where there is only space for rectangular ducting
  • Low unit noise
  • Fully adjustable boost overrun timer 0-30 minutes
  • Can accept either 204mm x 60mm (standard) or 110mm x 54mm ducting (using provided converter)
  • Unit can be cleaned and serviced without disturbing ducting
  • Original enclosure design with 204mm x 60mm spigots on one level, ideal for low profile ceiling mounting
  • For use in conjunction with Titon trickle vents
  • Available in volt free and switch live inputs
  • Hidden fixings
  • Quick and easy commissioning
  • Demand control ventilation ready
  • Wide duty range
  • Patent applied
  • Can be mounted on any plane
  • Technical Information
  • Product Codes

    TP325 – CME base only (First fix).

    Volt free switch inputs
    TP312A – CME 2.1 Q Plus (Full assembly).
    TP312HA – CME 2.1 Q Plus, humidity sensor (Full assembly).
    TP313A – CME 2.1 Q Plus (Second fix).
    TP313HA – CME 2.1 Q Plus, humidity sensor (Second fix).

    Switch live inputs
    TP312HALS – CME 2.1 Q Plus, humidity sensor, switch live inputs (Full assembly).
    TP313HALS – CME 2.1 Q Plus, humidity sensor, switch live inputs (Second fix).

    Indicator Ready (auralite® CME – TP517)
    TP312CH – CME 2.1 Q Plus, humidity sensor, controls ready (Full assembly).
    TP313CH – CME 2.1 Q Plus, humidity sensor, controls ready (Second fix).


    Dimensions (excluding ports): 355mm wide x 421mm long x 252mm high

                BrandTITON CVU CAT 63
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