Titon PIV Loft unit c/w heater,fire kit & diffuser+wireless remote control

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  • Positive Input Ventilation or PIV is a concept that delivers fresh filtered air into a home at a continuous rate, which results in reducing condensation, mould and indoor pollution.

    Available in two types, PIV L (up to 2 floors) or PIV L3 which includes a fire diffuser and a remote control (up to 3 floors) Titon’s range of PIV units will create a healthy environment within any dwelling especially refurbished or existing properties that need to combat internal air quality issues.

    Features & Benefits

    • Ultra low watt DC motor technology
    • Sealed for life ball bearings
    • Suitable for loft applications only
    • Integral Hours Run Meter (as standard)
    • Integral intelligent comfort heater (as standard)
    • Remote control boost facility as standard on PIV L3
    • Provides all year round quality filtered air
    • Reduces/eliminates surface condensation
    • Quiet operation
    • Removes musty odours
    • Enhances heat distribution
    • Takes advantage of the benefits of solar gain in the loft space
    • Benefits asthma sufferers by reducing dust mites and mould spores
    • Reduces Radon levels
                BrandTITON CVU CAT 63
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