Ubbink OFT 5 BITUMEN Insulated Flat Roof Terminal 125 mm BLACK

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Ubbink insulated flat roof terminal for duct diameters up to 166mm with aluminium flange for bitumen roof installations

Product features and benefits.

  • Large free vent area/Lot Pa resistance
  • Fully insulated to cow
  • 2 Piece Stack aluminium flange



The OFT terminal range is suitable for use with soil & vent systems and for both mechanical and natural (passive) ventilation installations.

The OFT 5 range has a higher insulation value above the roof space which therefore reduces the risk of condensation. 

Material Per Roof Type;

Bitumen: Polyethylene/Aluminium/ Bitumen
Polyethylene is fire retardant

Diameter: 125mm
Height Above Roof: 380mm
Flange DIa: 490mm
Depth Below Roof: 608mm
Free Vent Area mm2: 11300
Pa Resistance Extract: (Reading at 200m3/h) 5.3

Complete Air Excellent system installation

BrandUBBINK (CAT 77)
DeliveryNext Day
DimensionsDiameter: 125mm Height Above Roof: 380mm Flange DIa: 490 Depth Below Roof: 608mm Free Vent Area mm2: 11300 Pa Resistance Extract: (Reading at 200m3/h) 5.3
Guarantee1 Year

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