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Key Features:

The MT5M2 Heavy Duty Tape Measure is a heavy-duty measuring tool with a 5-meter long and 27mm wide blade. The blade is coated with ultra-high-performance nylon, called SUPERBLADE, which has 5 times extended life compared to regular nylon-coated blades.

One of the standout features of this tape measure is its 2.9m/9.5ft high stand-out blade, which makes it easier to measure long distances without the tape collapsing or bending. The tape measure also has a magnetic triple-riveted stainless steel dual hook with 1kg suction, which provides a secure hold on metal surfaces.

The SUPERBLADE is tested for durability against falling sand particles and 60 liters of salt spray for 100 hours. This tape measure has also been drop tested from 9 meters, making it tough and reliable.

The tape measure has a dual-color, double-sided imperial and metric blade that makes it easy to read measurements in either system. The powerful push lock secures the blade in place, and the durable rear pocket clip ensures that it stays in place even if the screw loosens.

The internal mechanism of the tape measure is designed to provide smooth operation, making it easy to extend and retract the blade. The impact-resistant TPR covered ABS casing provides additional protection against damage from drops or other impacts. Overall, the MT5M2 Heavy Duty Tape Measure is a reliable and durable tool for heavy-duty measuring tasks.


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