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Unilite TRIPOD-SGL-WHEEL: Single-Headed Industrial Tripod with Wheels for Unilite Site Lights

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Key Features:

  • Single-headed tripod designed for Unilite site lights
  • Maximum height of 1.8m for elevated lighting
  • Trio of legs for enhanced stability
  • Built-in sturdy castor wheels for easy mobility
  • Supporting hinge legs for additional stability assistance
  • Crafted from strong aircraft-grade aluminium
  • Neatly folds up for easy storage
  • Strengthened screw nuts for durability


The TRIPOD-SGL-WHEEL is a robust single-headed tripod designed to elevate Unilite site lights to a maximum height of 1.8m. With its trio of extendable stability legs and built-in sturdy castor wheels, this tripod offers a combination of stability and mobility for enhanced versatility in industrial settings. Crafted from durable aircraft-grade aluminium, the TRIPOD-SGL-WHEEL is built to withstand demanding conditions.

Compatible with various Unilite site lights, including SLR-1300, SLR-2500, SLR-4750, SLR-4400, SLR-6000, CRI-2300, CRI-3350, and SP-4500, the TRIPOD-SGL-WHEEL provides a reliable and adjustable platform for optimal lighting performance.

Featuring a height range of 0.7m to 1.8m, the TRIPOD-SGL-WHEEL offers flexibility in positioning the site lights at the desired height for efficient illumination. The trio of legs provides enhanced stability, while the built-in castor wheels enable smooth movement and easy repositioning of the tripod and site lights.

Constructed from aircraft-grade aluminium, the TRIPOD-SGL-WHEEL combines durability with lightweight design. It can be easily folded up for compact storage and transportation, making it convenient for professionals on the move. Strengthened screw nuts contribute to the overall sturdiness of the tripod, ensuring long-lasting performance in challenging work environments.


    IP RatingN/A
    Run timeN/A
    Dimensions (mm)1240 x 1240 x 1850
    Warranty2 years

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