Zehnder ComfoPost CW6

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The Zehnder ComfoPost is an air to water heat exchanger and is designed to be used with the ComfoWell air distribution system.  Maintenance free and made from a combination of aluminium and copper pipes, water flowing through its circuit can temper the temperature of the supply air to an MVHR unit – ComfoPost is designed to reduce the supply air temperature in the summer months and increase it in the winter months.  In warmer months, chilled water is fed into the ComfoPost via either a chiller or a reversible heat pump while in colder months, hot water is used.  Multiple units can be used throughout the property to give inhabitants zonal temperature control via system controls and thermostats.

The ComfoAir Q heat recovery unit is the ideal partner to the ComfoPost thanks to its automatic cold recovery system (when the internal temperature is lower than the external temperature).  In addition it has a unique modulating summer bypass system.  Conventional systems bypass incoming air around the heat exchanger in higher temperatures so as further heated air is not introduced into an already hot space.  The ComfoAir Q does exactly this but is programmed with three temperature profiles so it reacts more quickly to spikes in external temperatures. 

The nuanced approach of using a combination of the ComfoPost, the ComfoAir Q, insulated ducting and the right controls all stack up to reduce the risk of a property overheating.  Coupled with intelligent building design such as advanced glazing materials, insulated hot water pipes etc, the ComfoPost can deliver a comfortable and controllable indoor climate – it’s advantage over conventional air conditioning is that it is always introducing fresh, filtered air into the property rather than recirculating stale air.

The ComfoPost is available in 4 different sizes – CW6, CW8, CW10, CW12 – depending on the airflow required.  The CW6 post treatment battery is suitable for heating and cooling with an airflow up to 300m3/hr.  Please contact us on 01892 600121 if you have any further questions regarding designing with or specifying this unit.


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