Zehnder ComfoTube Therm insulated 90mm diameter, 20m roll

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The Zehnder ComfoTube Therm 90 mm is a high performance insulated semi-rigid ductwork ideal for residential applications.  The attenuation and thermal properties make it the ideal ductwork for use with the Zehnder range of climate conditioning devices such as ComfoClime and ComfoPost. The low profile manifolds and ductwork mean it’s perfect for use in small ceiling voids and is strong enough to retain its shape when used in areas where there is a concrete pour. The clinside smooth internal lining helps to reduce the build up of dust and enable the ductwork to be cleaned, this has helped the ductwork achieve a hygiene certificate from the Hygiene Institute. The ductwork was also one of the first to be fully accredited and listed on the PCDB (Product Characteristics Database).  The ductwork can be installed much faster than conventional ductwork with a reduced number of connections helping to reduce any potential air leakage within the system. The O-rings and locking slides also help to prevent the ductwork being disconnected during first fix and maintain an airtight seal. End caps are available to prevent dust ingress during first fix and maintain a hygienic system.  A variety of manifolds, insulated EPP connections, ancillaries and terminations can be used with the ductwork in addition to a wide range of decorative grilles. The ductwork can also be used with the unique modular ComfoWell manifolds with integrated attenuators and filters.

ComfoTube Therm 90mm - Key Features

  • Low temperature loss and prevention of condensation when transporting tempered air
  • The glueless system offers flexibility during installation and cutting
  • No thermal bridges
  • Wide range of EPP insulated connectors
  • Easy and quick to install
  • Airtight
  • High-quality food-grade plastic (HDPE)
  • Meets the minimum standard for PCDB accreditation
  • Low pressure losses
  • Easy to clean
  • Suitable for installation within a poured concrete floor
  • Crush resistant with a ring stiffness of 7.9 kN/m²
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Lightweight and easy to handle
  • No sealant or tape required
  • Wide range of manifolds and grille terminations
  • Suitable for use with the unique modular ComfoWell manifolds

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