Zehnder External Wall Grille Dia 200mm Spigot Adaptor Suitable For Use With Comfopipe Plus

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ComfoPipe Plus ⌀ 200mm, external wall grille


The Zehnder external wall grille is suitable for use in outdoor and exhaust air ducting. It is mounted on the external wall and, due to the removable front panel, is easy to clean and maintain.

The external wall grille is suitable for wall installation. It is fitted with DN 125/150/160/180/200 pipe connectors. The fins are made from stainless steel and feature a vermin protection grille with a mesh width of 10 mm. The removable front panel makes the grille easy to inspect and clean at any time. Fastening is concealed inside the housing. Wall ducts for outdoor and exhaust air must be insulated (sealed against vapour diffusion). We recommend using Zehnder ComfoPipe Compact for extract and supply air or Zehnder ComfoPipe Plus for exhaust and outdoor air as an insulated wall duct.

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