Zehnder GD8 round ducting ø 125 mm

SKU: GD813.1I

Size: GD round ducting insulated GD8 duct ø 125 mm x 1 m
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Insulated duct:
Insulated duct available in 1 m or 2 m lengths. Each
length comes complete with a single duct to duct
connector (GD833SSCI) to fit into the next straight
length of duct. Suitable for use with GD813 ø 125 mm
PVC ductwork.

The Zehnder ø 125 mm self-seal insulated ducting is perfect for meeting Building Regulations for insulation whilst
minimising air leakage. The lightweight and robust ductwork along with the self-seal connection mean this can be
installed much faster than conventional rockwool insulation.
The PUSH - CLICK - LOCK connection eliminate the need for tape, sealant and screws and also exceeds the
requirements set out in DW/143 Class A Leakage Test and DW/154 ductwork standards and has also been
independently tested by the BRE.
The ductwork is compatible with our standard ø 125 mm PVC ductwork.

Technical Specification
Outside diameter 169.5 mm
Inside diameter 125 mm
Length 1000 mm / 2000 mm
Weight 0.341 kg / 0.682 kg



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