Bathroom Fan with Timer & Decorative Cover Greenwood D100TCY

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SKU: D100TCY Greenwood

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100mm Timer fan with decorative inserts

Run-On Timer control - Adjustable 2 -30 mins

Decorative fascia cover plate - 3 changeable inserts included

IP24 Rated

2 Year warranty


The Affresco Four Square is enhanced by the introduction of a decorative fascia in place of the traditional looking grille. The 'Contemporary' theme is a set of three different interchangeable inserts each of which can be located in the centre of the fan grille to enhance the design theme of the room. The D100TCY is a wall mounted bathroom extractor fan designed so that the fan will continue to operate for an adjustable period of 2 to 30 mins after the main light in the room has been switched off. Suitable for safety zones 1, 2 or Outside the unit comes pre-assembled and is easy to install in both a new build or when replacing an existing fan.